Biennial and Triennial Quotations and Tender T015/2020 - December 2020 - 30 September 2022/23

Council is inviting submissions for a variety of biennial and triennial service and mowing contracts in the Nambucca Valley for the period commencing December 2020 to
30 September 2022/2023.   To download documents free of charge, interested parties are required to register via the VendorPanel E-tendering Portal  If you experience difficulties accessing the above website please contact VendorPanel on (03) 9095 6181 or email The closing date and time for complete submissions is 2.00pm Thursday 22 October 2020.  Tender/Quotation Forms only to be electronically submitted.

ENQUIRIES TO: Via the online forum at VendorPanel or by telephoning Damian Leahy on (02) 6568 0235.

Sydney Morning Herald          Tuesday 29 September 2020             
Mid Coast Observer               Wednesday 30 September 2020