Local Strategic Planning Statement

In this Local Strategic Planning Statement, we look at the land use planning challenges that Council and the Nambucca community will face in the coming 20 years.  For example, we need to consider an ageing population, provide housing diversity and employment opportunities. While also planning for climate change, conserving biodiversity and priorities for new and improved infrastructure.  We also need to carefully plan to ensure that we protect the natural character, local heritage and the appeal of the area that our community loves.

Local Strategic Planning Statement - High Resolution

Local Strategic Planning Statement - Low Resolution


Employment Land Strategy

This Strategy will form the employment lands component of Nambucca Council’s Local Growth Management Strategy. GHD and the AECgroup have prepared this Strategy on behalf of Nambucca Shire Council and the Department of Industry and Investment. It is intended to guide and manage future industrial and commercial development until at least 2051. For the purposes of this Strategy employment lands are defined as lands zoned so that they are predominately used for activities resulting in employment. Employment lands therefore include existing and future industrial, commercial and mixed use land.