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Beach Wheelchairs

Beach wheelchairs are available for use at Forsters Beach, Scotts Head and Main Beach, Nambucca Heads by contacting the Macksville-Scotts Heads Surf Life Saving Club Inc or the Nambucca Heads Surf Life Saving Club Inc

Bridge Heights over the Nambucca River and NSW Boating Maps

Roads and Maritime provide a link to this information on Boating Maps for NSW Waterways.  They advise that the MHW Spring measurement for the Macksville Bridge is 4.6m and 11m for the new Phillip Hughes Bridge over the Nambucca River.  For further information please contact Transport for NSW - Phone 13 12 36

Bulky Goods Collection

If you would like more information on the dates and collection areas please contact Coffs Coast Waste Services Hotline 1800 265 495 or click here for further details.

Dead Animals, Fallen Trees or Debris in navigable waterways

If you wish to report a dead animal, trees, or debris in waterways in the Nambucca Valley please contact Transport for NSW - Phone: 13 12 56

Dead Animals, Fallen Trees or Debris on the banks of waterways of public land controlled by Council

If you wish to report a dead animal, trees, or debris on the banks of waterways of public land controlled by Council please contact:

Nambucca Valley Council
P: 6568 2555
W: Report a Problem

Indian Myna Control Project

Indian Myna Control

Contact Information Nambucca Valley Landcare


For most of the year the Australian Magpies are wonderful neighbours.  Their carolling song is enjoyed by many in urban areas.  They breed in Spring (August - October) and the magpies natural behaviour is to defend the territory around their nesting site.  This may result in magpies swooping either people, pets or other birds and animals they perceive as a threat to their nest.  Only some birds see people as a threat.  Most will not swoop you.  Swooping occurs for around 6 weeks, commencing when the adult pair is nesting and concluding when the the young leave the nest.  Magpies are protected throughout NSW, and it is against the law to kill the birds, collect their eggs, or harm their young.  If you feel a magpie is a serious menace, it should be reported to the NPWS Coffs Coast Area office 6652 0900.

For suggestions on how to live with magpies during the breeding season and additional information please click here National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Mosaic Wall at Bowra Street Nambucca Heads

This project was initiated by the Nambucca Heads Chamber of Commerce.  It was funded by them, together with Council and formed part of a training course.  The community adopted the projects and provided a huge range of ceramic items and tiles that a local artist, Guy Crossley, imaginatively incorporated into his overall concept.  It has been greatly admired and photographed.  Mr Crossley has also worked on other projects such as the whale table at Scotts Head and on various buildings throughout the Valley and can be contacted on (02) 6653 4339.


Possums are protected and it is illegal to trap them without following the attached guidelines.  Contact Coffs Harbour National Parks and Wildlife Service - (02) 6652 0900.


Any queries relating to snakes should be referred to WIRES 1300 094 737.

Street Lights Faulty - Outage Detection and Service Availability

Customers can report faulty streetlights any time of the day or night by contacting Essential Energy's 24 hour contact centre on 13 20 80 or by logging onto their website at

Trees and Dividing fences on Private Land - Neighbourhood Disputes

Click here for more information if a tree on your neighbours property is causing you concern.


WIRES can be contacted on 1300 094 737



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