Nambucca Valley Council Bushfire Relief Appeal Terms of Reference




The Nambucca Valley Council Bushfire Relief Appeal fund (“the fund”) provides a publicly accountable mechanism for the disbursement of donated funds following the Kian Road Fire in the Nambucca Valley Local Government Area. The fund is an administered item under the Australian Tax Office’s Disaster Relief Fund protocols (DRG status) and Nambucca Valley Council provides administrative and policy support to the fund.

Under the Australian disaster relief fund category, the fund is entitled to receive tax deductible gifts for two years from 11 November 2019.

The committee to administer the fund is appointed by the Council and is chaired by the Mayor.

A quorum of the committee will consist of the chairperson and four members of the committee.

Where possible the committee should reach decisions by consensus. However, if a vote is required and the results are tied, the chair will have a deliberative and casting vote.

Members of the committee are obliged to maintain confidentiality in relation to the deliberations of the committee and in relation to personal information that may be available to the committee by or about potential recipients of fund monies.

The committee is responsible for the appropriate disbursement of the monies in the fund for the relief of persons who have suffered injury, loss or damage as a result of the Kian Road bushfire.

The committee is to develop and implement criteria for the disbursement of funds which are fair and reasonable. 

The committee may make such enquiries as it thinks relevant as to the effect of the Kian Road fire upon victims and the eligibility of claimants for funding.

The committee will be responsible for ensuring:

  1. Monies provided to bushfire affected people are gifts from the community in recognition of injury, loss or damage arising from the bushfire, not a form of compensation;
  2. Monies provided may complement or recognise other forms of assistance received by those affected by the bushfire including any insurance payments, government grants, other gifts from public donations or other sources of known support;
  3. Monies may be provided irrespective of the insurance status of the recipient;

There will be a maximum and minimum amunt that any recipient can receive from the fund which will be determined by the committee from time to time.

In addition to administering the DRG status appeal fund, and as a consequence of the complementary research and knowledge gained from the appeal fund, the committee will provide advice to Council towards the appropriate allocation of the $1 million Federal Government grant given to Nambucca Valley as a direct result of the Kian Road Fire.

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