If you would like to become an Australian Citizen you can either visit to download the relevant forms or telephone 131 880.

About Australian citizenship

Australia is a diverse society, one that celebrates the richness of its community.Citizenship is a way of uniting and gathering the people of Australia as one. It is about people sharing in the common goal of making Australia an even better place, building on their diverse heritages.

Citizenship Ceremonies

Australian Citizenship ceremonies are held at Council for residents who wish to become Australian citizens. Citizenship ceremonies have an important symbolic role because they formally welcome new citizens from many cultures into the Australian family.

The ceremony is a formal part of the citizenship process. A person becomes an Australian citizen on the date he or she attends the citizenship ceremony and makes the Pledge of commitment to Australia.

Citizenship ceremonies are simple and dignified occasions. Nambucca Shire Council hosts ceremonies throughout the year, in particular on days of significance to Australia such as on Australia Day in January and Australian Citizenship Day in September. 

Becoming an Australian Citizen

The legal status of being an Australian Citizen carries with it the right to:

If you would like more information telephone Council on (02)6568 2555.

Further information can also be obtained by visiting the Department of Immigration's Australian Citizenship website.