Indian Myna Control Project

The main objectives of the project are:

Indian Myna Control Handbook

The Indian Myna Control Handbook is a key resource for project volunteers and will help you to:

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Indian Myna Population Reduction Progam

The aim of the population reduction program is not only to reduce the number of Indian Mynas where they already exist, but to also prevent their spread into new areas. This requires a strategy which employs a range of different techniques such as trapping, shooting and other preventative measures. A diversity of approaches means that everyone in the community can play a part in stemming the invasion of Indian mynas in their backyard.

For the project to be successful we need volunteers throughout the community to undertake a range of activities which contribute to the population reduction program. The program requires a coordinated approach and cooperation between communtiy stakeholders and government agencies at all levels. The chart below provides details of how the program is structured and how you can contribute according to your energy and skill level.

Establishing an Effective Myna Control Network in your Community

Indian Myna Control

The Indian Myna Control Project is a joining of two community driven projects funded by the NSW Environmental Trust covering the Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and Nambucca Local Government Areas and the Hastings and Macleay LGA’s. The projects seek to reduce the impacts of the growing Indian myna invasion in our urban and rural environments. The web site provides you with background information on this feral species and how you can participate in the population reduction program. You'll find all the latest news on Indian mynas, as well as details of up-coming events and activities in your local area.

Indian Myna Profile

The Indian myna (Acridotheres tristis) belongs to the Starling family; a group of birds which includes another invasive species, the Common Starling (Sturnus vulgaris).

Indian Myna Control Project Area

The project area covers the Coffs Harbour, Bellingen and Nambucca LGA's. In co-operation with participating Councils, the project is supported by the three corresponding Landcare organisations, as well as the National Parks and Wildlife Service (Department of Environment & Climate Change) and the Ulitarra Conservation Society.

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