Your Councillors Contact Details Profile

Cr Rhonda Hoban OAM

56 Richards Lane
NSW 2447

M: 0408 661 412
F: 02 6569 5556
P: 02 6569 5556

Rhonda grew up on a farm at Newee Creek and Valla,
attended Macksville High School and left the valley to attend
the Australian National University in Canberra and pursue
a career before returning to raise a family.
Her employment background is varied, ranging from managing
a single-man’s construction camp in western QLD; mine safety
management; owning and managing a successful restaurant
and commercial catering business; working in the QLD and
Commonwealth Public Service in budget policy and disaster
management; to more recently the research and development
of low-chill stone fruit varieties.
Rhonda was elected to Council in 2004 and served a four year
term as a councillor and has been the Council’s popularly
elected Mayor since 2008. In 2019 Rhonda was awarded
an OAM for service to her community and service to local
Her vision for the Valley – living at its best in a community
that cares and provides opportunities for all.

Cr John Wilson
Deputy Mayor

8/20 Bellinger Street
NSW 2448

M: 0437 134 140


Cr Martin Ballangarry OAM
6 Carbin Street
NSW 2449

M: 0484 142 446
Cr James Angel

M: 0427 886 216
James ‘Jim” Angel
Jim has been a resident of the Nambucca Valley for 17 years. 
Upon his arrival he discovered the great potential of the Valley
and immediately invested in a local business and works as a
owner operator. 
Jim has been grateful and humbled by the local community’s
enthusiasm and honesty and the natural beauty of the Nambucca
Jim has a Diploma in Project Management, Small Business
Enterprise and completion of Australian Procurement Institute
He is involved with local sport and activities for many years
and was elected as a Councillor in December 2021 for the
Nambucca Valley Council.
His belief in the Nambucca Valley and its people has recently
motivated him to create a tourism business from the ground up
which supports our local businesses and producers and showcases
the beauty of our environment.

Cr Troy Vance

11 Jaawan Street
NSW 2447

M: 0473 732 739


Cr Susan Jenvey

1165 Rodeo Drive
NSW 2449
P: 0417 849 681

Cr David Jones

75 Mann Street
NSW 2448

M: 0419 646 469


Cr Ricky Buchanan

M: 0401 216 824

Ricky has been involved with the:
 - Macksville Hospital Aboriginal Reference Group; Macksville/Scotts
Head Surf Life Saving Club; NSW Aboriginal Lands Council Youth
Advisory Committee - going to the United Nations facility,
Switzerland to give a speech on Human Rights in Australia and
the ways Australia could improve the conditions for people within
its boundaries; Aboriginal Education Consultative Group staff at
Scotts Head Public School, Bowraville Central and Macksville High School
 - Worked for the 3rd Space Mob (Aboriginal Leadership program),
running cultural camps for the High Schools in Bowraville, Bellingen,
Macksville, Nambucca and Toormina. He accompanied a group of
students to Lightning Ridge to learn about opal mining
 - Awarded the Volunteer of The Year Award (Local Health District) and
in 2021 Australia Day Awards for the Nambucca Valley – Cultural
Achievement Award and Junior Citizen of the Year Award; 
 - Involved in the Bowraville Memorial Cup each year; creation of the
woven sculptures and artwork at the Macksville Hospital; NAIDOC
Celebrations; Ocean Day
 - Taught a 14 week on-site/on-line language tasters course

Cr Trevor Ballangarry

M:0429 032 707

What is the role of the Mayor?

The role of the Mayor is as follows: 
  • to be the leader of the Council and a leader in the local community
  • to advance community cohesion and promote civic awareness
  • to be the principal member and spokesperson of the governing body, including representing the views of the Council as to its local priorities
  • to exercise, in cases of necessity, the policy-making functions of the governing body of the Council between meetings of the Council
  • to preside at meetings of the Council
  • to ensure that meetings of the Council are conducted efficiently, effectively and in accordance with this Act
  • to ensure the timely development and adoption of the strategic plans, programs and policies of the Council
  • to promote the effective and consistent implementation of the strategic plans, programs and policies of the Council
  • to promote partnerships between the Council and key stakeholders
  • to advise, consult with and provide strategic direction to the general manager in relation to the implementation of the strategic plans and policies of the Council
  • in conjunction with the general manager, to ensure adequate opportunities and mechanisms for engagement between the Council and the local community
  • to carry out the civic and ceremonial functions of the Mayoral Office
  • to represent the Council on regional organisations and at inter-governmental forums at regional State and Commonwealth level
  • in consultation with the Councillors, to lead performance appraisals of the General Manager
  • to exercise any other functions of the Council that the Council determines.

What is the role of a Councillor?

The role of a Councillor is, as a member of the governing body of the Council:
  • to be an active and contributing member of the governing body
  • to make considered and well informed decisions as a member of the governing body
  • to participate in the development of the integrated planning and reporting framework
  • to represent the collective interests of residents, ratepayers and the local community
  • to facilitate communication between the local community and the governing body
  • to uphold and represent accurately the policies and decisions of the governing body
  • to make all reasonable efforts to acquire and maintain the skills necessary to perform the role of a Councillor
  • to be accountable to the local community for the performance of the Council.

What are the functions of General Manager?

The General Manager of Council has the following functions:
  • to conduct the day-to-day management of the Council in accordance with the strategic plans programs, strategies and policies of the Council
  • to implement, without undue delay, lawful decisions of the Council
  • to advise the Mayor and the governing body on the development and implementation of the strategic plans, programs, strategies and policies of the Council
  • to advise the Mayor and the governing body on the appropriate form of community consultation on the strategic plans, programs, strategies and policies of the Council and other matters related to the Council
  • to prepare, in consultation with the Mayor and the governing body, the Council’s community strategic plan, community engagement strategy, resourcing strategy, delivery program, operational plan and annual report
  • to ensure that the Mayor and other Councillors are given timely information and advice and the administrative and professional support necessary to effectively discharge their functions
  • to exercise any of the functions of the Council that are delegated by the Council to the General Manager
  • to appoint staff in accordance with the organisation structure determined under this Chapter and the resources approved by the Council
  • to direct and dismiss staff
  • to implement the Council’s workforce management strategy
  • to undertake other functions that are conferred or imposed on the General Manager by or under this or any other Act.