Capital Works Program

What defines Capital Works?

Capital Works are building and engineering works that create an asset, as well as constructing or installing facilities and fixtures associated with, and forming an integral part of those works. 

Why is Capital Work expenditure provided?

Expenditure is provided to either renew or replace assets, new assets, growth or enhancement of existing assets and disposal or decommission of assets.

How is the Capital Works Program created?

As part of the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework, Council adopts a Delivery Program and Operation Plan which provide details on how Council intends to deliver community priorities that have been identified through consultation and engagement.
Each year Council allocates funds to the Capital Works Program which is generated from these documents and enables the implementation of special projects within the community, such as improvements to parks and reserves, public buildings, town centre revitalisation, landscaping, amenity blocks, skate parks, footpath, shelters and bike tracks.
This program also encompasses urban and rural road construction, heavy patching, reseals and rehabilitation, to improve the road network, along with improvements to Council’s water and sewerage infrastructure.

Who can I contact to find out more about the Capital Works Program?

Should you have any further queries relating to Council's Capital Works Program please do not hesitate to contact Council's Engineering Services Department:
Phone: (02) 6568 0230

Capital Works Monthly Progress Reports 2021-2022

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Capital Works Monthly Progress Reports 2020-2021

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Capital Works Monthly Progress Reports 2019-2020

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