Development Application Process



Pre lodgement meeting

A valuable step where your proposed development can be reviewed by either a building surveyor or a town planner and other Council staff and valuable input can be incorporated into plans prior to submission


Supplying all necessary documentation and payment of fees. Quotations for development application fees can be obtained from the Council’s Administration Centre. Inclusion of all required documentation at the time of lodgement will ensure timely processing or your development application.

Nambucca Shire Council Administration

Your development application is now logged and tracked within Nambucca Shire Council’s information management system. This also provides data for compulsory reporting to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Internal referrals

Your development application will be referred to all necessary staff within Council. This may include:
  • Plumbing inspectors
  • Waste management
  • Building surveyors
  • Engineers
  • Strategic planning

Public Notification

Your development may require public notification. If this is necessary adjoining property owners will be notified of the proposed development. Additionally, advertising in the local print media may also be required

External Referrals

Your development may need to be referred to external parties such as:
  • Department of Planning & Infrastructure
  • NSW Rural Fire Service
  • Roads & Maritime Services
  • Local Aboriginal Land Council
  • Office of Environment & Heritage
  • Office of Water
These referrals may require an additional application fee of $320 each and may take as much as forty (40) days processing time by the external parties.

Site inspection

The site may be inspected by all officers involved in the assessment.

Initial Assessment by Town Planning or Building Surveying Staff

This initial assessment addresses all the required matters for consideration that need to be covered. The three main documents that affect Nambucca Shire Council’s assessment process are:
  • The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979
  • The Nambucca Local Environmental Plan 2010
  • The Nambucca Development Control Plan 2010.
  • All developments must also comply with the Building Code of Australia.

Compilation of all internal referrals

The Town Planner or Building Surveyor processing your development application compiles and reviews all Council advice from internal referrals.

Consideration of public submissions

Any submissions received following the period of Public Notification are considered at this stage of the assessment process.