Nambucca River and Deep Creek Flood Risk Management Study and Plan 2015/16

Floods damage public and private property and can take lives depending on their severity, but there are a number of ways that people and governments can reduce the risks.
Nambucca Shire Council, with funding support from the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH), is conducting a study which will identify the risks of flooding in the Nambucca River and Deep Creek. The information will then be used to develop a plan to manage those risks. This study is supported by Councils Environmental Levy ($45,000) and through Office of Environment and Heritage Floodplain Management Program $115,000.
Consultants WMAWater have been hired by Council to conduct the study. They have used a computer model to determine the extent and nature of flooding in the study area, which includes Nambucca River, Deep Creek and Warrell Creek.
The following documents and video of the flooding extent in a 100 year event is shown in the below attachments for both the Nambucca River and Deep Creek.
Please follow the below links to a draft of the Nambucca Flood Risk Management Study and the Nambucca Flood Risk Management Plan. 
These documents have been endorsed by Councils Nambucca River Creeks, Estuaries and Coastline Management Committee and Council for Exhibition. The documents will be on exhibition from December 8th 2016 to February 3rd 2017. Feedback of the draft documents should be directed to or 
General Manager
Nambucca Shire Council
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Flood Studies and other Historical Flood Documents

Nambucca Shire Council adopted the Floodplain Risk Management Plan on 17 February 2005.